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    Report the users over here!

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    Report the users over here! Empty Report the users over here!

    Post by Crystal Admin on Tue Apr 26, 2016 5:11 pm

    No matter, wherever you're right now, but you will always find good and bad people around you and additionally something that is built for the deplorable people to lead them in the right path and it is very indispensable. So I, consequently, made this thread for the members to report the users who are not abiding by our rules and abusing other members. You can additionally report here for those members who are vexing you in the Private Messages. I would relish to present some rules in which you've to keep in your mind before reporting:

    01. User name:

    Posting a username is extremely vital on the grounds that it is the main path in which from we can know who is that.

    02. User link:

    Posting a user link will make moderator's work easier.

    03. Reason:

    Depicting reason is additionally imperative to be composed with the screenshot or the gathering join. On the off chance that somebody is aggravating you in the private messages then please report here, we'll check your private messages.

    04. Topic link:

    Please provide the thread link in which they abused you or has done something illegal.

    Please help us to keep this community with the neat players. Of course, moderators will take action if they find something awful, but from now on, you can also report.


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